Adopt, don’t shop

When it comes to mistreated pets, our animal friends require more help than simply being rescued.

Going above and beyond their call of duty, the Singapore Zoo and SPCA have come together to launch Furever Yours, a new programme aimed at reigniting hope and love for shelter dogs. This collaboration hopes to drive messages of responsible pet ownership and promote pet adoption over shopping for pets.

Specially tailored for dogs who have been at the SPCA shelter for some time, Singapore Zoo’s Animal Friends Show will help these dogs shine—showcasing their intelligence, abilities and colourful characters. The experienced team behind the Animal Friends Show will be caring for and training them.


The show appearances will not only demonstrate how lovable and sociable these dogs are, but they are also the perfect opportunity to break the stigma that rescue dogs can be difficult in social settings and do not take well to training.

Each dog will receive individualised training that nurtures trust and confidence around humans, while learning tricks to impress and score brownie points.

Through captivating performances and their interaction with the audience, our Animal Friends—many of whom were once abandoned pets—aim to inspire love and warmth. As part of Furever Yours, they hope to fill our hearts with an urge to adopt and provide for shelter dogs.

The first dog selected for this programme is Bruce, who has gone from being found on the streets to becoming a delightful member of the Animal Friends Show, putting his best paw forward in hopes of finding a new home and family.

Find out more about Bruce and how to adopt him here.

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