Stations for new SMRT Thomson Line revealed

The new, fully-underground and driverless SMRT Thomson line which will link the northern neighborhoods of Singapore to the city will begin operating in 2019.
22 stations will span 30 kilometers (more than what was originally planned), including 6 interchange stations to cut commute time. The trains themselves will also be longer due to a four-car system. The government will be acquiring a total of 13,000 square meters to build the new Thomson Line. The sixth MRT Thomson Line is expected to carry 400,000 commuters daily and will open in three phases, the first being the three northernmost Woodlands stations in 2019, then six from Springleaf to Caldecott the following year in 2020 and the final stretch of 13 from Mount Pleasant to Gardens by the Bay in 2021. The Thomson Line will also connect to the future Eastern Region Line, itself due for completion in 2020, which will serve the eastern residential estates. 
For more information, visit the URA website and watch the video below.