Then join in a Refresh Party to find other pre-loved treasures

Avid shoppers may already be familiar with Swapaholic, a local social enterprise devoted to slowing down the fashion industry's unsustainable practices. Offering cool swapping services for the public to declutter and refresh their closets—without compromising their fashion, wallet and the planet—the brand is all about prolonging the lifespan of beautiful possessions by finding new owners who will cherish them.

And this time, in addition to their swapping initiatives, the team has dreamed up its latest donation drive. Named The Rescue Project, this is held in response to an overwhelming demand earlier this year.


So from now till Sep 24, all are welcome to drop off a bagful of pre-owned items to give their garments a new lease of life. Simply head down to Swap Shop @ Orchard Central from 11am-8pm to pass Swapaholic items you may have outgrown. But bear in mind that these items should be in good condition, not shabby or torn.

Following the Declutter Drive, await news from Swapaholic regarding a Refresh Party. There, get to find pre-loved treasures by others to rewear, repair or repurpose. The exact dates and details will be confirmed later on, when Swapaholic gets further notice on how to operate safely during this period.

Now you’ve got no excuse to clear out that bursting closet of yours.

More information available here.