Seek help at free workshops facilitated by professional counsellors and therapists

Dealing with grief and loss is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be done alone.

Which is why the social services team behind Montfort Care’s Grief Matters has launched the new Tapestries of Grief, Singapore’s inaugural festival on grief and loss.

Happening from now till Sep 25, the movement aims to promote grief literacy and bereavement friendly practices in our community.


Just check out an art exhibition at Plaza Singapura, which features artworks by bereaved persons and helping professionals. Here, Tapestries of Grief: Witnessing Through Art Therapy will showcase gorgeous yarn butterflies and remembrance balls, made by bereaved persons to honour and remember the loved ones they have lost.

The event will also feature a series of free workshops facilitated by counsellors and therapists that explore the grief experience through various mediums—from poetry and music to art and more.

Virtual talks and on-site workshops will be conducted too, to help bereaved persons deal with the legal and emotional aspects of unpacking the affairs of a deceased loved one. Festival-goers can sign up for art therapy sessions or learn about the power of a support group as well.

Says Chee Wai Yee, Senior Director of Grief Matters at Montfort Care: “Grieving is often so personal, yet it is a universal experience—all of us are bound to encounter loss in our lives, in one way or another.”

“Through Tapestries of Grief, we hope to give voice to and offer support for bereaved persons, and to encourage reflections and conversations on how we (as family members, friends, colleagues and members of a community) may weave strands of support into the tapestry of a person’s grief experience.”

Learn more about the inaugural Tapestries of Grief festival here.