Everyone's an enabler these days

It seems cashless coffee runs are quickly gaining speed here. Just months after local kickstarter campaign launched the app KopiPass, a new player has joined the market—Sip is a prepaid coffee subscription with the aim of being a one-stop platform for coffee lovers to find Singapore’s best coffee houses.

With an account, members can get specialty coffee from local cafes at a discounted price, such as iced latte at $3.90 per cup. Starting from $27, plans are available at six, 10 or 20 cups monthly. The cafes onboard are largely household names for regular cafe hoppers—Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee, Necessary Provisions, Oriole Coffee + Bar, Park Bench Deli and Prodigal Roasters, for instance. On top of the discounted coffee, food discounts are also available at some of the cafes.

In line with PM Lee’s declaration of working towards a smart nation, the service is completely cashless. Simply log into your account on your phone’s internet browser, select a drink, and have it validated with a code in-store. No apps are required, so you can save on phone storage space.

In all honesty, $3.90 a cuppa is not the most attractive of discounts; but if you’re part of that tribe whose daily sustenance consists of cafe-quality, $6-7 coffee, then it’s definitely a lot of money saved. Check it out for yourself here.