There is a mermaid school in Singapore (seriously)

Syrena, “Singapore’s first mermaid , has set up a mermaid school for those who’d like to learn how to swim—with a tail. It’s a serious outfit with a complete syllabus comprising theory lessons on mermaid lore (we’re not kidding), as well as exercises to strengthen your core and gluteal muscles. There are four levels to work your way up, from bronze for beginners to platinum for advanced learners. Lessons take an hour each, and will be held at Sunset Avenue at Bukit Timah next year.

The school’s requirements seem quite elementary. You have to have a mermaid’s heart (okay.), be able to swim one unassisted lap and tread water for 20 seconds. And don’t worry if you’re a little bikini-shy: Syrena champions a body-positive mindset. The school is also open to both men and women and classes start at $490 for five sessions. 

To register for classes next year, email her here.