This month, look out for a super pink train when you’re out and about in Singapore

If you usually take the train on the North-South or East-West line, don’t be surprised if you find yourself walking into a super pink compartment throughout October. This month, the non-profit Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) team up to raise awareness on a disease that many people are still hesitant to speak openly about despite it affecting 1 in 11 women.

The cabin will be awashed with the same shade of pink that’s associated with breast cancer awareness, and features cute decals on the windows, floors, leaning poles and ad spaces above the seats that display statistics of breast cancer in Singapore, reminders to go for regular breast screenings, and to get people to literally make a stand for breast cancer awareness by giving up their seats. The Pink Train will be on the tracks from now till Nov 3.

To fully get the word out about breast cancer, they’re also running a few initiatives with hopes that the topic will become less taboo and more common so that the survivors will have sufficient support they need. Highlights include the annual four kilometer Pink Ribbon Walk that happened on Oct 1 at the Waterfront Promenade, the sale of the signature pink ribbon pin specially designed by advertising agency DDB and a special video that launched the start BCF’s “Say Breast, Save Lies” campaign. In it are footages of Singaporean who were tasked to say the word, “breast”. You’ll be surprised at the number of people—kids and adults alike—couldn’t utter the word in this social experiment video, further solidifying Singaporean’s current perception of a simple word.

Watch it here: