A godsend for holiday party planning

Nothing stinks more than hosting a buzzing Christmas party and realizing halfway that you’ve run out of wine. Didn’t you stock up? you silent-yell at your partner, so as not to alert your partying guests. I thought you did, he silent-yells back. The fact is no one did, because even making the trip down to your local NTUC to lug a few wines home can be a chore; so you pass the rest of the night hoping everyone can sustain on cheap beer.

If that sounds eerily prophetic to you, an all-new wine delivery service might just be the answer. Dellarosa Wine was founded only this year by a native Sicilian, and is an online retailer dedicated to offering sustainable natural, organic and biodynamic wines. If the concept sounds a little similar to other alcohol providers like BottlesXO and Vinomofo, Dellarosa stands out for its commitment to sustainable, organic wines. Their focus is on curating wines produced through organic and biodynamic methods of farming, which unsurprisingly are healthier too.

On offer is an exclusive selection of 19 different bottles (reds, whites, oranges and sparkling) from 11 wineries across Italy and Solvenia. Organic wines—made from grapes harvested without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals—include the Amarone wine Morar 2003, and Herzu 2015 from Ettore Germano estate, appointed as one of the best Rieslings in Italy. The biodynamic wines, which take into consideration the lunar cycle during all stages of the winemaking process, include the fresh and floral Gavi 2016. And finally, the natural wines, possibly the highest form of vineyard-to-cellar artisanal winemaking, include the Nero Ossidiana 2013 from Tenuta Di Castellaro. Plans to expand the collection to 30 bottles by Jan 2018 are in the works, and wine aficionados can look forward to French and Serbian wines in the coming months too.

If you’re feeling iffy about ordering new wines online, an inaugural wine fair Uncorked: Wine Day Out is happening from Nov 24-26 and Dec 1-3 at Savourworld, where you’ll be able to taste featured wines like the Ettore Germano Herzu Riesling from Langhe, among the other 600 or so labels. Otherwise, delivery costs $13 an order, and you can expect to have your wines delivered to you within one working day. Never be caught off-guard again.