10 times Singaporeans feel just like Beyonce in her “Formation” video

Beyonce stole the show at this year’s Superbowl, so it’s no surprise that the internet’s been raving about her. While we can’t all be her, some of the GIFs floating around the internet are all too relatable. So we made this. Enjoy:

1. When you begrudgingly show up at the CNY reunion



2. When you queue for salted yolk croissants, but they sell out



3. When a lone diner approaches the open seat at your hawker centre table



4. When you get a Tinder match after days of swiping



5. When you go to Europe with Maggi Chilli in your suitcase



6. When, after multiple wrong turns and phone calls, the Uber driver finally pulls up



7. When you drive by a CBD taxi stand at rush hour



8. When your parents/roommates are away and you have the HDB to yourself



9. When you and your kakis head to ladies night



10. When you finally sign up for a Guava Pass