Take a tour of soon-to-be-demolished Dakota Crescent, led by its oldest residents

Last year, we said goodbye to a number of Singapore landmarks, including one of the most discussed neighborhoods, Dakota Crescent. It’s one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates, whose old school design and architecture invokes a kind of nostalgia and charm that many modern estates now lack. Ever since the announcement of demolition for the 17 low-rise blocks, countless events, a theater production and even a Channel 8 drama has taken place at the space. Amongst all these activities is an upcoming walking trail called Dakota Adventures, led by a group of long-time residents of the estate and organized by Cai Yinzhou, the man behind another walking trail that began almost a year ago.

As with the other trails, the elderly residents will guide the participants around the flats and share their stories of the place on Feb 4. If you’re lucky, you might be able to meet the more well-known residents like the Tok-tok uncle or Bilyy Koh. What’s so special about this trail is that it also includes a tour to the ex-residents’ new homes at Cassia Crescent. This may be the last chance to visit the flats, so sign up quickly for the limited slots.

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