Two colonial bungalows on Mount Faber will soon be home to a new arts center

There’s an upcoming new home for the arts, and it’s nestled within historical black-and-white bungalows. Called Temenggong House, the center located on the slopes of Mount Faber will be dedicated to promoting cross-cultural exchanges between artists.

Opening May 25, the new arts center is an initiative of local not-for-profit organization The Rice Company Limited (TRCL). While their usual business lies in placemaking and content creation, TRCL also manages art education programs for the youth, in aiming to improve their lives through the arts. As of 2018, they have reached out to more than 16,000 children and youths from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Temenggong House, then, will organize talks, exhibitions, performances and workshops for all to attend, and include facilities such as function rooms and dining areas to host various events and programs. The new space is intended to give TRCL’s beneficiaries room, physically too, to be nurtured into the next generation’s cultural entrepreneurs and artists.

There will also be a strategic focus on cross-cultural exchange, according to Global Cultural Alliance Ltd, a subsidiary of TRCL that will be organizing the programs at Temenggong. “We hope to highlight the diversity of cultures and how exchanges between communities of different cultural experiences and backgrounds can promote understanding and build cultural intelligence to foster a connected Singapore,” said Mr Phan Ming Yen, director of Global Cultural Alliance Ltd.

“Through these programmes, we hope to develop Singapore as the premiere cultural hub for the exchanges of ideas and knowledge that will enrich our society.”

Temenggong House is located at 18 & 20 Temenggong Road, and will open officially on May 25. More information here.