Two new flights from Singapore to get you planning your next trip

The wait to fly to Jaipur and Hokkaido on Scoot is finally over. They’re calling their 787 Dreamliners travelling to Jaipur the “Kamascootra“, adding on to the list of 11 other aircrafts that have been similarly named, like Maju-lah, Barry, Bo-eng and more. 

The three-times-weekly flights to the Pink City (one-way fares start at $169, taxes included) is their first international connection beyond the Middle East, while the three-times-weekly Hokkaido flights (one-way fares start at $188, taxes included) is the prefecture’s second direct connection to Southeast Asia. This has been brought about as a result of a partnership with the International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, which aims to establish Singapore as a central business location, and boost their trade and tourism through increased connectivity. 

Also in the pipeline are flights to Dalian, China’s “Capital of Romance” that occupies a scenic spot on the southern coast of the Liaodong Peninsula. that will launch on Oct 30, and a direct four-times-weekly flight abord Scoot’s 787 Dreamliners to the Greek Capital of Athens. on Jun 20, 2017, marking the airline’s first foray in Europe. For more information, head to Scoot’s website.