It features the iconic Japanese artist’s most iconic symbols—flowers and polka dots

It’s a bottle you just can’t miss.

Colourful polka dots and a large vibrant flower adorn Veuve Clicquot’s new vintage, La Grande Dame 2012.

Yayoi Kusama with the specially designed La Grande Dame 2021 case and bottle (Credit: Yayoi Kusama)

Unabashedly joyous and exuberant, it’s the House’s exclusive collaboration with renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

This original creation, aptly named “The Heart That Blooms in The Darkness of The Night”, features the artist’s most iconic symbols—flowers and polka dots. The dotted pattern on the carousel box symbolises the sparkle of the vibrant bubbles of champagne, while the opulent flower symbolises vital energy, love and celebration of life. 

La Grande Dame Magnum features an even more dramatic artwork, an original sculpture that wraps around the bottle with the same energy as seen on the box. Only 100 numbered units are available. 

‘My Heart That Blooms in The Darkness of The Night’ (Image courtesy of Veuve Clicquot)

But more than a piece of art, this collaboration by Veuve Clicquot and Kusama is sending a message of hope and optimism to a world still reeling from the pandemic.

Kusama has delivered an original poem as part of this creation:

From all my heart,
the life of flowers flew away.
My everlasting affection
for the flowers,
flew off beyond the universe
to show its vitality,
to gaze at the extremes of life.

The artwork is also a tribute to the “la grande dame” of champagne, Madame Clicquot. It’s a nod to their bold visions in their respective universes, love for beauty, and the quest for excellence and the avant-garde.

As for La Grande Dame 2012, it is the 23rd vintage since its creation, with a blend composed of 90 per cent pinot noir and 10 per cent chardonnay. It has been described as “a wine that is both precise and delicate”.

La Grande Dame 2012 by Yayoi Kusama is available here.