Victoria’s Secret launches new Bare Eau de Parfum collection

It’s fair to say that looking for a signature scent is easier said than done. It’s like the finishing touch on any well-planned outfit, the icing on the cake and, most importantly, it tells you more about the wearer’s personality than anything else.

Enter Victoria’s Secret’s Bare Eau de Parfum, the brand’s new fragrance that highlights your individuality by adapting to your very own body chemistry. Their first fine fragrance pillar in five years, it’s truly a revolutionary product that’ll give us scents unique to ourselves, bringing us yet another step forward in true self-expression.

, Victoria’s Secret launches new Bare Eau de Parfum collection

With hints of mandarins from Madagascar, violet petals from Egypt, and a warm base of Australian sandalwood, the Bare Eau de Parfum is essentially a perfume that emulates and enhances your personal scent – a proud champion of Victoria’s Secret’s most personal fragrance yet.

The first on the market to utilise Cryptosym, a new technology that encrypts scent formulations, the fragrance is able to preserve its novelty and prevent future replication so you can be sure that it’ll always stay as unique as it is today.

, Victoria’s Secret launches new Bare Eau de Parfum collection

Made with upcycled materials and responsibly sourced ingredients that boast 100% traceability, you can be sure to feel as good as you smell with each spritz of the Bare Eau de Parfum.

The Bare collection consists of an Eau de Parfum, Eau de Parfum Rollerball, a Fine Fragrance Mist, Fine Fragrance Lotion and Luminous Body Veil.

To find out more or get your hands on the new Bare line-up, head over to their website here.