Featuring the finest of Flemish dairy produce, discover their range and quality with five leading brands at this year’s FHA-Food & Beverage convention

A less than common find in our part of the world, Belgium’s Flemish produce is filled with their own range of exciting treasures that we don’t always get here. Fortunately for us, VLAM – Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board – will be bringing some of the best dairy from the heart of Europe to our shores at this year’s FHA-Food & Beverage convention.

Presenting us with Belgium’s White Gold, they’ll be showcasing five leading Belgian dairy brands, including Castle Dairy, INEX, Milcobel, Olympia, and SOLAREC, and their renowned specialties, such as f.i. milk powder, milk, butter, processed cheese, and cream.



Part of VLAM’s latest campaign to raise awareness of Belgium’s quality dairy products, White Gold is both a representation of the premium milk that originates from Belgian farms, and a symbol of Belgian dairy’s sustainable production, authenticity, and consistent quality.

The region’s family-oriented dairy industry boasts an inherent passion for the craft, handing down generations of top-notch standards, knowledge, and pride that always ensures every product is held to the highest mark.



A dried dairy supplier that produces in-house commodities for F&B businesses, Castle Dairy is also well-versed in developing customised blends of dairy products for clients. INEX is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium Belgian dairy products who’re able to offer flexibility for clients with recipe development and a range of packaging possibilities.

Using self-collected meadow milk, the family-owned Olympia develops and produces quality dairy for industry professionals and retail consumers, and even has their own line of milk, ice cream mixes, and butter, while SOLAREC boasts access to superior raw materials in the Belgian Ardennes, combining traditional know-how with competitive processes to create milk, buttermilk powder, butter, and more.

You’ll also get to check out Milcobel and their internationally famous mozzarella. Fast becoming the preferred one-stop mozzarella supplier for businesses worldwide, their mozzarella is made from 100% cow’s milk and available in various specifications.


Head over to Singapore Expo from now till Sep 08 to discover Belgium’s dairy offerings, or head over to White Gold’s website for more information here.