WATCH: Singapore’s first virtual escape room is a sci-fi team-bonding adventure

The escape room craze only arrived on our shores a few years ago, but we’re already craving for more unique escapes that can push the experience further and challenge us more. And thanks to the boundless possibilities of virtual reality, we now have something that can do just that.

Virtual Room Singapore is the first virtual escape room concept to open here, and having given it a go ourselves (video below), we can safely say that this is one trend we hope will continue strong. Like physical escape rooms, you’re supposed to work out puzzles together as a team. But unlike the real-world ones, going into virtual worlds means we’re no longer restricted to physical limitations.

In the entry level simulation, we traveled through time and space, tossed objects in zero gravity, launched arrows at each other and started fires using flint—all in an effort to advance the game. There’re even welcome surprises at various points that made us go “oh shit…”, “awesome!” or both at once.

We can only imagine what else is in store when they launch higher difficulty puzzle environments for us to try. For now, check out the video below to see what’s it like.

Virtual Room Singapore is located at B3 Lucky Chinatown, 211 New Bridge Road, open from 10am-11pm daily.