WATCH: We went foraging on Singapore’s streets with Native bar’s Vijay Mudaliar

Ever walked past a plant along the streets of Singapore and wondered: “Can I eat that?” Nope, neither have we. Ingesting random plants we come across probably isn’t a good idea, but for those in the know, foraging for natural ingredients in urban environments is not that far-fetched.

Vijay Mudaliar of Native bar on Amoy Street is one person who knows how to forage right, whether doing so in the wilderness or in the middle of the city. When not busy mixing up some of the best cocktails in town, Vijay takes time to explore our streets more intimately—and by that we mean going up close to flora, examining them, and taking a bite out of them.

We followed him during one of his foraging expeditions to Ann Siang Hill and learned how to forage safely and sustainably in the concrete jungle.