It’s official: during the next major MRT breakdown, there will be free bus rides

Memories and traumas from the Great Apocalyptic MRT Breakdown of Jul 7 are still fresh, so you might be pleased to hear this bit of news: according to several reports, next time something like this happens, the LTA will offer free bus services around the area. If two or (god forbid) more lines are down, all bus services will be free. All you have to do is look out for the flashing beacons at bus stops to board. 

There will even be an app to let people know when breakdowns happen so you don’t have to find out when you’re already wandering the nine circles of subterranean hell. 

Lastly, the electrical breaks at Jurong East and Raffles Place Interchange stations will be de-linked. This means that there will be an independent eletrical supply for the North-South and East-West lines. If an unidentifiable fault occurs on one line, there wouldn’t be a need to shut off both. Why didn’t we think of that sooner?