Where to get involved in women’s causes in Singapore

International Women’s Day will come and go, but it’s always a good time to do your bit for causes championing gender equality and women’s rights. From helping disadvantaged women to taking part in empowering campaigns, here are some ways you can pitch in.


What is it: Gender equality advocacy group Aware (Association of Women for Action and Research) are strong supporters of equal opportunities in education, marriage and employment, as well as sexual and reproductive rights. 

Today, the organisation offers a multitude of social initiatives including Daughters of Tomorrow (launched in collaboration with design agency Kinetics) and the Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC). The former is a charity supporting women from low-income families while the latter is Singapore’s first and only known specialised care service centre for survivors of sexual violence. 

How to help: You can volunteer your time at various parts of the charity, from dispensing legal advice, becoming a board committee member, researching data to creating content for collaterals or the Aware website. More information here


What is it: This charity organisation helps lower-income women and domestic workers by empowering them with important life skills like money management, computer literacy, leadership and business acumen.
How to help: As the organisation’s campus remains closed due to the ongoing public health situation, Aidha now offers online classes instead. At the moment, they are looking for communications and marketing volunteers, as well as administrative staff to help with everyday tasks. Just drop them an email at volunteer@aidha.org with your resume attached to let them know you’re interested and how you can help.

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support

What is it: Currently a crisis support organisation for pregnant teens (below the age of 21), Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support was originally launched as a programme under Beyond Social Services. Since then, it has grown from a  24-hour SMS helpline to focusing on the issue of teenage pregnancy with the aim of helping young females find the right choice for them and provide ongoing support so they may lead normal lives. 

How to help: Babes will benefit from having volunteers interested in helping young ladies feel supported instead of marginalised or estranged. To play your part in building a more inclusive society, try offering ad-hoc support (donation sorting and admin tasks) or your skill-based services (copywriting and organising activities). More information here.

Project X

What is it: Protecting the rights of sex workers here, Project X is an organisation that aims to encourage acceptance of this marginalized community in society, and to debunk any misconceptions or stigma associated with their work. The group speaks out against violence against sex workers and also campaigns for better sexual health education and services.

How to help: They are currently looking for volunteers to help in outreach efforts, content creation and photography. More information here.

Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations

What is it: If you’d like an overview of women’s associations in Singapore, then the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) is where you might want to start. They have over 50 member organisations under their wing, like Mums at Work Singapore, Singapore Women’s Association and Society for WINGS (Women’s Initiative for Ageing Successfully).

How to help: Volunteering opportunities include tutoring, offering child care support, conducting IT classes and more.

Singapore Women’s Association

What is it: This former girls’ club dedicated to helping under-privileged girls is now a non-profit and non-government organization supporting women in different facets of life such as health, livelihood, education, culture and community, with a focus on the elderly. 

How to help: You can participate in outreach activities for the elderly, fund-raising efforts, empowerment workshops for women and other charity projects. More information here

United Women Singapore

What is it: Previously known as Singapore Committee for UN Women Singapore, United Women Singapore is still focused on meeting the needs of women in areas such as education and healthcare. 

How to help: To register your help, simply sign up here and express your interest. All volunteer applicants are automatically opted into their Volunteer Bulletin database, and their emails will be disseminated on a monthly basis to round up volunteers based on their needs.

Women on a Mission

What is it: Supporting women survivors of violence and abuse, this Singapore-based non-profit group organises expeditions, events and campaigns to raise awareness and funds for other charity groups here like Aware’s sexual assault care center and the UN Women Committee’s anti-human trafficking cause.

How to help: While no expeditions are happening for the time being, you can still get involved by registering your help here. The organisation will continuously require assistance from local women to mentor the young ladies at Pertapis Singapore, a residential home for underprivileged teens who have been abused physically or sexually.