Bow down to the King

If you haven’t heard about the Great Durian Surplus of 2018, you’ve probably been actively avoiding all durian-related news (in which case, we bid you adieu). But with a greater supply of quality durians, comes a larger variety of durian treats, capitalized on by savvy restaurants and brands everywhere. From spreads to buffets, here’s what currently available.

Ellenborough Market Cafe (Through Jul 29)

The regular buffet dinner at Ellenborough Market Cafe gets a durian-scented upgrade this season, with a medley of themed desserts to complement the Asian (and international) savories. Skip the nyonya kueh for sliced durian cake, crepes, eclairs, pudding, cream puffs, swiss rolls, tarts, tiramisu, sticky rice, chendol and durian pengat. The more intriguing creations include deep-fried durian, durian cotton cheesecake, and durian bread and butter pudding. $72 and available only for buffet dinner all-week. 6239-1847/1848 or email

Marriott Cafe (Through Jul 31)

For fans of durian desserts, the Durian High Tea Buffet at Marriott Cafe promises a leisurely afternoon of the best durian sweets. You get the best of both worlds (i.e. Mao Shan Wang and D24) here—the bread and butter pudding with coconut sauce and durian mousse cake are both made with silky D24 flesh, while treats like the durian creme brulee tartlets are handcrafted with Mao Shan Wang. There's also baked durian strudel and glutinous rice with durian and coconut sauce, on top of more conventional desserts like durian crepes, mochi, panna cotta, ice cream and more. $45 per person, but you get access to the buffet of savory eats too. 6381-4605

PARKROYAL on Pickering (Jul 27-Aug 26)

Lime Restaurant’s signature durian fiesta “Thorny Temptations” is returning, to serve up the pungent fruit in various, locally inspired forms—like baked durian nasi lemak, durian curry chicken, wok-fried kung pao pork belly with durian, and even durian salted egg popcorn chicken (we screamed a little at the last one). For dessert, there’s durian pengat and durian with avocado puree and sago—and regular, non-bastardized durian for the purists. The buffet isn’t cheap; at $98 (with free-flow coffee and tea), you’d best be a diehard durian fan. 6809-8899 or email

BreadTalk (Jul 30-Aug 19)

For days when you just want to quickly nip the durian craving in the bud, there’s the new Durian Mini Croissant at BreadTalk. At just $1.50 (or six for $8), each croissant is light, flaky and filled with Mao Shan Wang durian and cream filling. Perfect for popping on-the-go, you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. All BreadTalk outlets

Le Meridien Singapore, Sentosa (Weekends through Sep 1)

Sentosa Island must have seen a really bountiful harvest (or at least import)—because the Du-licious Discovery Buffet at Le Meridien has enough fresh fruit to supply a massive spread of both savory and sweet dishes. First, carbo-load on durian doughsticks, durian prata, and durian pizza; then eat your fill of desserts that include durian choux puffs, shortcake, crumble tarts, and even local takes: durian ice kacang, chendol, muah chee and—wait for it—durian red bean soup. Available from 6-10pm, the buffet costs $80 per person. For an additional $48, you can enjoy unlimited all-you-can-eat servings of Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn, D24 and XO durians at the durian pop-up stall located on the alfresco (available through Jul 28). 6818-3305 or email

McDonald’s (While stocks last)

Of course McDonald's would come up with a durian rendition to add to their portfolio of McFlurries. The D24 Durian McFlurry ($4) used real D24 durian puree swirled into the iconic vanilla soft serve, for a creamy, "aromatic" treat. Available after breakfast hours at all restaurants, Dessert Kiosks and via McDelivery.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast (While stocks last)

As part of the 53rd National Day celebrations, good ol’ Ya Kun Kaya Toast has brought back the Kaya Durian Toast ($3.20)—the signature kaya toast slathered with a creamy D24 spread. They’ve also introduced an all-new product, the Pandan Durian Beancurd ($2.80) for a light, dessert option to end your meal. Not a bad thing to have with your daily kopi. Available at selected outlets

Leeu SG

They exploded onto the news with their wacky Singaporean-inspired frozen treats, but artisanal ice cream parlor Leeu Sg is one place where durian treats are available all-year round. The Esplanade Ice Cream ($8.80) is a head-turning treat made from fresh durian—and shaped in the likeness of Singapore’s most iconic durian.