Will this establishment revive the froyo trend in Singapore?

Singapore has experienced waves of the froyo trend with Yoguru, Berrylite, and the now defunct Frolick but the hype flatlined pretty fast and gave way to new trends like soft serve ice-cream and OTT milkshakes. It did have a sort of resurgence when Spanish froyo brand Llaollao entered the market in 2013, often with long queues of people every day. But that too died out eventually. Now, froyo establishment Yogurtland, which seems to be the infamous Kardashian clan’s choice of yogurt after being spotted in an outlet, has landed in Singapore.

When you’re there, choose from a selection of eight flavors (rotates every three weeks) and top it with four types of sauces and over 33 different types of toppings, ranging from fruits to chocolates. They’re planning to expand their selection to about 200 flavors over time. They import their ingredients from all across the world, like vanilla beans from Madagascar and chocolate from Belgium, for an authentic flavor.

Everything is made from scratch with fresh Californian milk without the use of any artificial ingredients, hormones or antibiotics. To maintain standards and the quality of flavor, the entire yogurt-making process happens in America instead of combining yogurt premix powders with local milk. Talk about raising the bar. The gluten-free froyo served contains vitamin C, calcium and active live cultures. And if you’re lactose intolerant, they have house-special sorbets to satisfy your cravings.

While it does sound rather exciting, we remain cautiously optimistic about the whole froyo trend making back a comeback. One new store might not do the trick, but we’re pretty sure it’ll attract the office types around the area. Either way, we’ll see how this works out. The store is located at Suntec City (#B1-165/166 Tower 3) and is open from 11am-10pm daily. For more information, check out their Facebook page.