The world’s most expensive coffee is coming to Singapore, and it costs $85 a cup

<p>A coffee from Panama that costs more than your dignity will be available in Singapore soon.</p>
<p>Making its Southeast Asian debut on&nbsp;<strong>Nov 5</strong>, the Esmerelda Geisha from Hacienda La Esmerelda topped price records at the Best of Panama coffee auction in August, pulling US$60,100 for a 100-pound lot. That comes to about $815 per pound of the precious Panama joe. That is also more than what some interns make in a month.</p>
<p>The costly coffee, cultivated in the mountainous region of western Panama, will be brought in by none other than coffee connoisseurs <a href="… target="_blank"><strong>The Coffee Academics</strong></a>&nbsp;in an exclusive launch at GastroMonth Singapore. For $128, attendees will get the first taste of the ridiculous roast, as well as coffee cocktails, mocktails and canapes to pad out the hefty entrance fee. Otherwise, a day later on <strong>Nov 6</strong>, the rest of us common folk can purchase an espresso-sized serving of Esmerelda Geisha for $85 a cup. You can have it brewed at the cafe itself (both the Scotts Square and Raffles City outlets), or bring it home for a precarious attempt at DIY-brewing (risk it if you dare). Go early&mdash;only 80 cups will be available for public purchase.</p>
<p>After constantly complaining about $6 cups of coffee, an arrival like this really puts things into perspective.</p>