XM Studios debuts exclusive spirits collection

Known internationally for their dedication to producing and delivering some of the most highly sought-after luxury collectibles, award-winning design studio XM is back again with another groundbreaking collection.

Debuting their first-ever whisky release, XM’s unique limited edition spirits are a result of a stunning partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Dubbed The Great Gatsby Collection, the series consists of three single cask selections of Scotch Single Malt and Cognac.


, XM Studios debuts exclusive spirits collection


Holding onto a slew of impressive intellectual property licences from Disney, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Hasbro, Godzilla, Ultraman, Sanrio, and more, XM Studios takes another step further in the experience they offer collectors by tapping into their network to make The Great Gatsby Collection a reality.

As they foray into the spirits industry, XM brings along their unwavering commitment to high quality, masterful craftsmanship, and limited edition approach – offering avid fans and aficionados bottles of the most premium quality.


, XM Studios debuts exclusive spirits collection


Inspired by the vibrance, vivacity, and unbridled joie de vivre of the Roaring Twenties, XM turned to Cognac and Scotch Single Malt as their spirits of choice to accompany the luxurious and lavish vibes of the period we’ve also come to know as the Jazz Age.

Working closely with Malt Sainte, an experienced independent bottled company based in Singapore, they went on a hunt for small batch spirits made with no colouring, non-chill filtered and undiluted, to identify and procure the ideal pieces to make this release.


, XM Studios debuts exclusive spirits collection


True to their namesake, the collection’s outstanding design incorporates the same Art Deco styles reminiscent of the Jazz Age and that famous cinematic portrayal of Nick Carraway, his cousin Daisy, and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby.

On top of their Jazz Age splendour, each of the three bottles are also individually designed to highlight elements of the spirit they contain.


, XM Studios debuts exclusive spirits collection


The Great Gatsby Collection consists of a Bunnahabhain 1991, Glen Grant 1998, and Vallein Tercinier Petit Champagne 1994.

Matured in sherry butt, The Great Gatsby Bunnahabhain 1991 carries notes of baking spices and Christmas cake on the nose, presenting flavours of preserved plums, brown sugar, cinnamon, and canned fruit on the palate, rounded off with an elegant touch of musk and wood tannins.

The Great Gatsby Glen Grant 1998 features a modern sherry whisky with clean, sweet aromas of white grape, green apple, and barley sugar. On the palate, expect sherry funk with pleasant pine, delicately finished with a light honey note.


, XM Studios debuts exclusive spirits collection


Renowned for producing premium small batch Cognac, the cask from Vallein Tercinier that went into The Great Gatsby Vallein Tercinier Petit Champagne 1994 is expressive from the start with grape, honey, cinnamon, and tinned peach concentrate, enhanced by full-bodied and tannic earthy notes of mate tea and coffee grounds.


Available in sizes of 700ml and 1500ml, collectors who wish to enquire on the availability of bottles for purchase may do so by dropping them an email at [email protected].


For more information, head over to XM Studios’ official website here.