If The Voice needs judges, we know where to look

Another year, another logo and song. As we hit May, hordes of NSFs, NSMen and even more volunteers go into full throttle to gear up for one of the biggest days in our calendar—National Day. Year in, year out, the year’s logo and song are revealed with much enthusiasm. But that doesn’t mean everyone will like it because you can’t possibly make an entire country happy, right?

While last year's raucous and fun pop anthem "Tomorrow's Here Today"—written and composed by Don Richmond and performed by one of our favorite bands 53A—was well received, it seems that the organizers have decided to go with something a little quiet, more reserved. This year's NDP theme song "Because It's Singapore!" was produced by singer and lyricist Jay Lim and composer Lee Wei Song. Also unveiled was this year's logo, which was said to be inspired by "Singapore's first $10 Orchid series note from 1967".

Here’s what Singaporeans had to say... 

Either way, it shows that Singaporeans actually care. Also, this year's NDP is returning to the Marina Bay floating platform so that they can bring back some crowd favorites like the Red Lions jumping out of the sky and the aerial display—two acts that weren't part of the past two shows because of certain restrictions at the National Stadium. You can ballot for the tickets from May 23