Your complete guide to being a dapper dude in Singapore

With hip new barbershops, bespoke menswear outlets, and even a “man cave” popping up around Singapore, men now have more than one reason to embrace their metrosexual side. Here’s a complete guide to help you along—from haircut, to suits and whisky.

The threads are everything

, Your complete guide to being a dapper dude in Singapore

If you’re just getting your toes wet, begin with two essential suits every dapper dandy should have—dark blue and/or black or grey, all great for weddings, work or even just a nice dinner. Of course, you’ll need shirts to go with, and a tailored shirt with bespoke touches like monograms and buttons are the difference between amateur and badass. To help you put together your dapper wardrobe, we’ve rounded up five places where you can get men’s suits from high-end brands like Italian Boggi Milano, premium Aussie label Benjamin Barker (which recently opened an outlet in the heartlands) and even a Japanese suitmaker. If you’re in dire need of a complete wardrobe overhaul, and you need more than just tailored suits, check out the men’s guide to dressing up in Singapore. Casual affairs or spiffy parties— we’ve got you covered, even down to your feet.

And the haircut is your calling card

, Your complete guide to being a dapper dude in Singapore
Autocutt Barber

Be it a man-bun, buzz cut or fade, how you wear your hair says a lot about you and length, style, cleanliness and color all factor into the first impressions you make in any room.From slicked back hair to the undercut, modern men’s hairstyles may have evolved but the old-school styles will forever remain as a great option for gentlemen who want a classic and polished look. Here are eight old-school barbershops to help you get that desired look. Too expensive? Well, HDB barbershops are making their comeback and as with everything else these days, are doing so in an unapologetic hipster fashion. Check out these six hip HDB barbershops.

Know your whisky

, Your complete guide to being a dapper dude in Singapore

Ok, we know this is super stereotypical, and all the women in our office are whisky fiends, but with the suit and the haircut, a glass of whisky will be the ideal accessory. If you need ideas on where to get a dram fix in Singapore, here are our top six whisky bars list.If you think you’re ready to graduate to the big leagues of Japanese booze, check out our list of ten Japanese whisky and sake bars in Singapore showcasing authentic imported single and double malt offerings from favorites like Yamazaki, Hibiki and Taketsuru.

Commute in style

, Your complete guide to being a dapper dude in Singapore
Black Single Speed from Tokyobike

Two-wheeling to work may be a new trend, what with the (neverending) rising COE prices in Singapore—but you don’t have to look like a bike messenger doing so. Get a sleek minimalist ride from urban bike specialist Tokyobike. You’ll look like one of those Roman rascals in a Fellini film.

Break a sweat 

, Your complete guide to being a dapper dude in Singapore
Rugby Sevens

Completely the manly stereotype with a chest-beating sport. Plus, a little work out will keep you in shape for the ladies. Here are 5 underrated sports in Singapore you should sign up for. Sports such as rugby and baseball has become quite popular options in Singapore and they’ve somehow retained a more refined image than soccer, so that’s another plus.

Stock up on your man-beauty essentials

, Your complete guide to being a dapper dude in Singapore
Tangs at Tang Plaza

From now till Jul 20, Tangs at Tangs Plaza has recently launched a fancy men’s retail pop up stocked with lifestyle products such as vinyls, statement sports accessories, and sleek homefurnishing. Skincare routines are no longer just for the females—men can now (unabashedly) partake in it. Here, we’ve rounded up a few places to get skincare and grooming products.