Best 4th of July Parties in Singapore

Can you go wrong with a burger-and-beer combo? Thought not. Each pint of Brewerkz’s American pale ale goes a mere $5 with purchase of their famed Cowboy burger as part of their Red, White and Brewed promo.

If pale ale is just a bit too fancy for your tastebuds, there’s plenty of good old Budweiser and Jim Beam at Blu Jaz, Muzium and Piedra Negra’s Post-July 4 party. There’s even a taco bar that will take care of those post-drinks cravings.

Or go for bourbon, beer pong, fried snacks and hip-hop jams at Tanjong Beach Club’s Stars & Stripes do. Yep, it’s pretty much a frat party at the beach—good times.

And because there are few activities more patriotic than downing copious amounts of Bud via a bong, check out The Budweiser Beer Bong Challenge final showdown. Sweet land o’ liberty, indeed.