DanceSport’s Melvin Tan and Sharon Tan

How did you two become partners?
Melvin: I was dancing without a partner for about six months. Sharon was with a dance studio. I saw her dancing in a video and got in contact with her. We met up, and after a discussion, we decided to partner up.
What made you decide to become DanceSport Athletes?
Melvin: My parents were social dancers and I often used to accompany them for lessons. Eventually, they signed me up for classes as well.
Sharon: I have always wanted to dance. I decided to join the Social Dance Club when I was at NUS.
Does it get a little awkward dancing intimately with someone you’re not romantically linked with?
Melvin: Not at all. Dancing is all about telling a story non-verbally, using body and arm actions. Characterization is essential and is part of DanceSport.
How often do you train?
Melvin: We usually train at least three to four times a week. As a competition date draws nearer, we increase our training to about six times each week.
Is this a full-time career?
Melvin: I am a full-time dance instructor.
Sharon: I have a full-time day job working as a security solution specialist with an IT solutions provider.
What are some of the essential qualities that a DanceSport Athlete should possess?
Melvin: A good sense of musicality and rhythm. It’s also a must for a DanceSport Athlete couple to focus on a common goal and be committed.
Where do your costumes come from?
Sharon: Our costumes are designed overseas. Some are from Italy, England and Russia.
What is the most expensive gown or suit that the two of you own?
Sharon: The most expensive costume was tailored from Italy. The cost of the set for a couple is at least $4,500.
Do the two of you have a “lucky” gown or suit reserved for important occasions?
Sharon: Not per se, although we must say that we are blessed with well-designed and beautiful costumes all the time.
Ever picked up—or been picked up by—a girl or a guy because of your individual prowess on the dance floor?
Sharon: Not yet!