Wet and Wild

The Style Asia Presents Singapore Water Polo Championships 2006 is in view and we eye the hunky sportsmen as they sweat it out. Thrilled, we jumped into our swimwear and got wet with one of them.
Any recommendations for this year’s most fashionable beach wear?
My vote is for the bikini! This beach apparel will never go out of fashion.
Besides having a gorgeous physique, what are the other advantages of undergoing tough water polo training?
Water polo promotes sportsmanship and teamwork. It builds one’s character and enhances one’s EQ and IQ. In addition, we get to hang out with a great bunch of guys!
Do you have screaming bikini babes rooting for you every time you compete in water polo competitions?
Yes! We do have girls screaming during competitions, but it’s likely that they just want us to score the goals. Unfortunately, they were not dressed in bikinis! But we are indeed anticipating some lady-supporters in bikinis at the Style Asia Presents Singapore Water Polo Championships 2006.
Who is your most ardent supporter?
I have two. They are the women in my life—mummy dearest and my fiancée.
What are the ingredients for a wet and wild time in the water?
Wet and Wild Time = Hot Babes + Hot Water Polo Players.
Ever swam with sharks?
Yup, I get that feeling when playing against my teammates! The rule of survival applies—eat or be eaten.
Boys drenched in water are attractive because…
Of the added definition that is made to their six pack hot bods, the luscious muscular silhouette … But I am more into girls.
We know your favorite outdoor sport. So what’s your favorite indoor sport?
TV marathon! I am quite a TV junkie and a couch potato. However, I am rarely allowed to indulge in this pastime now, with a heavy work schedule and the training.
What is more exhibitionistic, doing fashion shows or swimming? Why?
Both! At fashion shows we flaunt our hot bods and try to get the nonchalant catwalk look right, when playing water polo we get to exhibit our talents and strikes.