Where to meet your fellow entrepreneurs and techies this week

If you’re a geek, a self-fashioned entrepreneur or some combination thereof, here are five places to pass out some business cards. Don’t worry; they aren’t dry networking nights. There are pop-up dinners, storytelling nights and more.  

Shaping the Future: Inside the Creative Mind, Mar 11

Part of Great British Week 2015, this conference will feature six British leaders in the fields of architecture, television, music and cuisine and is hosted by locally-based eco-architect Jason Pomeroy. Expect to get insights into the creative process of these leading minds.

[Expletive]up Nights, Mar 11

A format that was born in Mexico and is being brought in to Singapore for the first time, this candidly-named (pardon the redaction) story-sharing session focuses on entrepreneurs and startups sharing tales of how they’ve messed up in the business world. 

DataKind Singapore: Project Accelerator Night, Mar 12

If you’re a good samaritan and a math nerd, this might be the meetup for you. DataKind Singapore regularly organizes meetups for data analysts and non-profit/non-government organizations. This session will feature RiverKids, a Singapore non-profit working to prevent child-trafficking in Cambodia, local social agency Care Corner and World Toilet Organization.

Please Don’t Tell! Pop-Up Dinner, Mar 13

A five-course Basque menu prepared by Chef Laila Bazahm (of Antidote fame) may not be where to expect to meet your fellow techies and entrepreneurs. But that’s exactly who will be on the guest list here. The password to register is “pdt”.

Startup Club: Ricky Kapur, Mar 13

Singapore Startup Club brings in Google enterprise biggie Ricky Kapur to give you a pep-talk about IT consumerization and how startups and entrepreneurs can adapt to these changes.