One weekend, two IT shows—we're here to break down what's going on and help you come to a decision

It’s going to be a busy weekend for the tech-savvy island, with not just one, but two major IT fairs to choose from. Whether you’re looking to build your latest gaming rig, new tech to lighten your load, or simply keen on seeing where humanity is now with technology, both shows offer plenty for you to lose a weekend to. Expect bargain bins everywhere.

Here is a breakdown of what all we know about these two exciting events, from its special events to the best deals available. 


The Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CEE 2017) markets itself a bit more conventionally—a clean-cut electronics sale that wants to give you the best offers in town. You’ll find plenty of tech from laptops to CPUs, cameras, phones and even Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) like e-scooters.

There is a special focus on trade-ins as well. Trade-in old tech like laptops for cash discounts at CEE 2017, old backpacks for Challenger vouchers and used PEVs for up to $300 of MOBOT vouchers. Looking to declutter? CEE 2017 may be where you should head to first. Be sure to read up on the terms and conditions first so you don't lug your heavy equipment over for nothing.

On the other hand, there’s the PC Show, which prides itself as Singapore’s longest running IT fair. It’s even found itself the very prestigious Marina Bay Sands as its location, which will definitely give it a good name. You’ll find plenty of reputable names setting up booths here, and be overwhelmed with discounts aplenty.

The PC Show sets itself apart with its theme, #Techgether, which seeks to showcase amazing tech so families and people can come together to learn and experience. As cheesy as the hashtag is, it's a nice way to package and direct the whole event. 

Features and Events

This is where the PC Show separates itself—not just a place for bargains, but an occasion for people to come #techgether to discover and celebrate technology.

Bringing gamers together (for once), the PC Show features a Gaming Zone, where League of Legends and Overwatch tournaments, live unboxing sessions and cosplaying will be held. You can also learn all about building custom PCs and finally convince your parents why it's the way to go.

Know Your Tech is another corner featuring the latest technology from industry leaders like Dell, Samsung and Creative. A strictly no-sales area, it is purely for knowledge and blowing your minds on the future of tech and how far we’ve come. It’s perfect for families and anyone even slightly interested in tech.

Amidst the inevitable hustle and bustle, the PC Show has even planned a supplementary shopping experience called the Amazing Tech Hunt, which will send participants hunting clues to find the latest products and discounts. If you’re a clueless shopper, this could be where to start. Its also a neat way for friends to work together and discover what’s on sale. Simply collect your game card and let the hunt begin.

CEE 2017 is a lot more conventional with its approach, but that’s not to say it's second place when it comes to great bargains and cool tech.

Head on to the fourth floor for a “sure win” Instant Lucky Dip, where $500,000 of goodies are up for grabs, from vouchers, games consoles, e-scooters and cameras to computers. Simply register to participate, and you’ll be emailed a QR code which you'll have to present to the booth for a shot at some prizes. No pain in that.

Also happening are the trade-in booths, where your old tech, PEVs and even backpacks are wanted. Those struggling to sell off their old PSPs and Xbox 360s will be relieved to know that even these are in demand, and you’ll receive generous cash vouchers perfect for that timely upgrade.

“Booth Babes” will also be around for you to take photos with. Share these photos on Facebook and the winner of the most creative shot will take home a $200 mystery item. (Although we think the idea of booth babes should be scrapped altogether.) 

From its events, CEE 2017 seems perfect for visitors purely looking for good tech deals, whether buying or selling, and want that focused shopping experience. For a more educational experience, we’d say the PC Show will impress the tech-savvy and clueless alike. 

Brands and bargains

No one wants to head down to an IT fair with unworthy names and bargains.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of brands or discounts in either fair. There is simply too much to list, but do compare the floor plans of the PC Show and CEE 2017 so you really know what’s on offer.

All major players are part of their extensive roll calls, with Acer, Dell, Samsung and Apple all showing up. Most of these discounts are equally priced as well, to make your choice even harder. IT retailers seem to have taken sides however, with Challenger and Harvey Norman putting most of their eggs in CEE 2017, while Best Denki, Courts and Gain City mostly setting up shop at the PC Show.

Going into specifics, here are some of the juicy discounts going on:

The PC Show

  • Secretlab Throne V2 - S$399 (U.P. S$529)
  • Xbox One Halo Collection Bundle - S$249 (U.P. S$499)
  • Fitness watches going cheap TomTom Spark Cardio - S$249 (U.P. S$399)
  • Belkin USB-C Power Bank – from S$39 (U.P. S$109)
  • Acer Swift 7 (i7) - S$1488 (U.P. S$1998)
  • ASUS F550 Gaming Laptop – S$799 (U.P. S$988)
  • Xiaomi Mi 6 – S$618 (U.P. S$968)

Get the full list of discounts at the PC Show here

CEE 2017

  • Anker and Spigen sales – cases up to 40% off
  • Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Notebook - S$2299 (U.P. S$2499)
  • Lenovo Legion Y520 – S$1799
  • 30% off Sennheiser Sports and gaming headsets
  • Fitbit Surge – S$199 (U.P. S$368)
  • 70% off Valore products
  • MacBook Pro – S$2188, with a load of gifts (earphones, wireless mouse, cleaning kit, USB-C hub and 64GB dual drive)
  • Samsung Curved monitors – from S$208 (U.P S$328)

Ensure you won't waste your trip by checking out their full list of deals

While surprises are surely in store, CEE 2017’s promotional material and online brochures alone have definitely been more enticing, showcasing a greater number of bargains with greater clarity and efficiency. If you wanted to do some research before heading down, this may just make your choice much easier.

This story originally appeared on Stuff Singapore, bringing you what's next in the world of tech and gadgets, with a twist.