Party inside a shipping container with The Local People

Singapore’s next cool party is not happening on a rooftop. It’s happening inside a shipping container.

Organized by art market collective The Local People, the upcoming #T8Deck on May 30 will be at Deck, an art gallery built with 19 metal shipping containers. (You’ll remember it as one of the sites for last year’s Singapore International Photography Festival.)

The containers will be decked out in Edwin Koo’s amazing Transit photo series of MRT commuters (which also made it onto the cover of our magazine), and there will be arty photobooths, DIY light painting, music by Jamie Wong and DJ Rockafelr and vendors like SSEK, The Weekend Warrior, Shophouse Sixtyfive and Sarah Thursday Illustrations.

For food, TwoMen Bagel House, The Brat and The Hangar will be on hand with smoked salmon and cream cheese on bagels, hotdogs with onions and gravy and crackling pork tacos. As for drinks, Citizen pop will be debuting alcohol-infused homemade soda. Oh, and there are also popsicles from Momolato.

It’s free entry but be prepared to pay for food and drink.