Horror film fans, here’s where you can get your fix of all things spooky this Halloween

If watching some good old horror flicks seems more thrilling for Halloween than going for boozy parties, then you’re in for a (trick or) treat. There are a few films you can catch for a good screamfest at the tail-end of this month, or you could join in a competition to create your own.

48 Hour Film Horror Project (Oct 21-23)

For the horror fanatics, you can live out your dreams and produce your very own horror film by participating in this 48-hour film challenge. Get those brain juices flowing, and channel your inner Wes Craven or Alfred Hitchcock as you would have only 48 hours to write, direct and edit your short horror film. You can also catch all the submitted films at *SCAPE Gallery on Oct 30, followed by the prize presentation.

ScreamQueen FilmFest Tokyo (Oct 28-30)

A female-centric festival that promotes female filmmakers, Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo is making its debut in Singapore at everyone’s favorite indie theatre, The Projector. Expect a slew of films that is female-driven such as Summoned, where a girl summons a demon to stop the abuse she is getting at home, Fish Eye, which is about a maid who suspects that her employer is a serial killer and the feature film The Love Witch, which tells the story of a modern witch who casts love hexes on men. 

Golden Village Horrorthon (Oct 28-Oct 31)

, Horror film fans, here’s where you can get your fix of all things spooky this Halloween
Train To Busan

Golden Village has a line-up of horror films that will be screened over four days at their Plaza Singapura and Yishun theatres. They’ve split them up into two themes—”Children of the Dead” will see films like The Tag-Along, which chronicles the story of a phantom girl who follows her victims, and “Zombie on Board” which features the widely raved film Train to Busan, where a father and his daughter tries to survive in a train filled with zombies.