It’s a particularly great time for film-lovers in Singapore

Movie buffs in Singapore have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks, with international film festivals, outdoor screenings, big-deal local films and even a controversial Bollywood title in theaters now. Here are a few reasons to get excited.

International arty films through The OPEN

You still have a few days to catch SIFA precursor The OPEN’s big film component. There are plenty for you to feast your eyes on especially when they’ve got films like The Hong Kong Trilogy: Preschool Preoccupuied Preposterous inspired by the Hongkong Umbrella Revolution, the satirical The Treasure based on a modern-day Robin Hood and many more. For the full list, also check out our list of 8 gorgeous and socially conscious films on show in Singapore right nowThrough Jul 9

A local darling returns from Cannes with a heavy, Malay-language drama

Boo JunFeng’s The Apprentice has finally made its way to our local cinemas after making its appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. The plot tells the story of Aiman, a correctional officer who is transferred to a maximum security prison. There, he strikes up a friendship with Rahim, the aging executioner who is looking for a protege. Except, of course, Aiman has reservations about the death penalty. We hear it got a standing ovation so check it out for yourself at Golden Village theaters asap. Early theater-goer support is crucial to ensure it has a nice, long run.

Japanese movies every Sunday

Hot on the heels of Sundays with French Cinema, Cinewa is The Projector’s new Sunday film segment and a prelude to this year’s Japanese Film Festival Singapore 2016. They’ll be featuring titles like Guilty of Romance, a film about a murder in a love hotel district, Kamome Diner about an establishment that only seems to attract customers with problems, Lesson of the Evil about a model teacher at a private high school with a menacing secret beneath his appearance. Jul 17-Aug 28

A Bollywood film mired in controversy

Udta Punjab is a new Bollywood crime-thriller film about a rockstar, doctor, policeman and migrant labourer who are all connected through the rampant drug trafficking and abuse in the rural Indian stage of Punjab. The film faced censors back in India for depicting wayward youth and social degradation, and involved the Supreme Court stepping in to tell the censor board to back off (what a novel idea!). Check out Golden Village for screenings.

Southeast Asian film nerds have a place to call home

In case you missed it, the National Gallery’s Southeast Asian film series Painting with Light is still going strong, with a line-up of the region’s “best cinematic stories told over the past 100 years” screened the first weekend of every month. The series pairs an old film with a recent one on Saturday and Sunday respectively. On August  6 & 7, you can catch 1967 Malaysian film Sesudah Suboh by the legendary P Ramlee and 2003 mockumentary The Big Durian by Amir Muhammed, dealing with racial tensions in KL. It’s only $10 per film. Full line-up and details here.

The annual queer film festival (yes we have one) is back

IndigNation Queer Films has just annnounced their line up happening over two-days The Projector. The opening film is Strike A Pose, based on the lives of seven young male dancers before and after they toured and starred in Madonna’s Truth or Dare. Other films featured are Papa Rainbow, a story on China’s fathers and their experiences with LGBT children; Queer Shorts which has four short films in one screening with their highlight, That’s My Boy about Sonu, who struggles with his biological gender; Funny & Fabulous that has two short films in its segment: The Dragon and Phoenix Show) and Angmo & Amoi (A Film about Difference). Check out their Facebook for more details.  Aug 5-6

You can watch movies under the stars

Sure, spending $30 to see an old movie without air-conditioning seems a bit much, but that’s not going to stop you (and us) from catching a movie or two when Films at the Fort, returns to Fort Canning. Along with a nice reclining cushion (not included in cost of ticket), you can buy gourmet fare  lobster rolls, pizzas, burgers and ice cream sandwiches from their food stations. You can’t bring your own refreshments in, but there will be wines, beers and ciders on sale, too. The line-up has some nostalgic classics like Forrest Gump and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, along with more recent harmless dramas like The Many Who Knew Infinity and Brooklyn, more serious stuff like Amy and Mon Roi, along with comedies like Anchorman. See the full list of movies here. Aug 11-21