Sniff your way through Singapore with the first-ever scent walk

You know what Singapore looks like, but what about how it smells? Led by Kate McLean, the leading designer of city scent maps, who has done walks in major cities like New York, Paris and Amsterdam, will be conducting her first Scent Walk in Asia.  

Happening from Jun 3-10, there are eight routes to pick from that cover places like Kampong Glam, Sentosa, East Coast Park, Little India and Orchard Road. Each walk is about 1km and on the walk, you get a form to record the smells you’re picking up and how you feel about them. This information will then be used to create a Scent Map of Singapore, which will be unveiled in an exhibition in August—yes, to coincide with none other than SG50.

Want to be a part of this Scent Map? Head here to sign up for your spot on the walk. While it might be free, there are limited slots so act fast.