Cheerleader Adeline Lok

Tell us about your team. How many guys are there?
None. Unless you count our coach! We’re an all girls’ team, and it’s double the hard work. Girls do everything from basing to tossing. Yes, and the bitching. Ha ha.
Ok, so do you girls get the hunks?
Sadly, no. But we do get tons of encouragement and acknowledgement from the boys after the Standard Chartered Marathon!
Why must cheerleaders wear such short skirts?
So that we won’t trip over them. Ha ha.
What do you do when you have a sore throat, but you have training in an hour’s time?
We don’t practise cheering every session, so a sore throat’s not an excuse for skipping training. But if I’m really that “lucky,” I’ll just mouth the words and do the actions!
What is the most clichéd and cheesy cheer you’ve ever heard?
It’s gotta be the “North, South, East, West. Who’s the best?” cheer. So over used!
Last question, ever thought of acting in a movie like Bring It On?
Nope. Stunting isn’t half as easy as it seems. And neither is acting, I think!