Singapore Slingers’ Pero Vasiljevic

What is it that you love about basketball?
Absolutely everything! It’s such a great feeling to be able to do something I love day in and day out. It certainly doesn’t feel like work.
OK, so what is your position in the team?
I’m the Power Forward or Centre. I do a lot of rebounding and I run the floor.
What is your training schedule like?
We train five days a week and six hours each day. Court work, weights, and conditioning are some of the areas we focus on.
Tell us what you are like on the basketball court.
I’m pretty athletic. I’m an animal on the court!
So what is the most difficult stunt you’ve pulled on the basketball court?
I once ran and jumped two feet from the free throw line to slam dunk the ball.
Well, beside basketball, what other kind of balls you play with?
Mmm, I like all balls! I’m trying to get the patience to learn to play golf properly, but the ball is so damn small.
What other sport do you love that gets you all dirty, sweating and panting?
Erm, I can’t divulge those aspects of my private life.
Let us in on a ritual you always do before you head to a competition.
I always listen to music on my iPod. Currently playing are some old tunes by Elvis and the Jackson 5. The song “Brimful of Asha” by Cornershop is getting a good run of late too. It really gets me going.
Honestly, do you think cute cheerleaders are distracting when you are competing?
Not in the least. I focus 100 percent of my attention on the game at hand.
Is Singapore Sling your favorite drink?
I’ve tried a Singapore Sling, but I have to say coffee is my favorite drink!