Pageant organizer DeeMaria Perez Fernando

Fernando organizes events, especially beauty pageants, for a living. Decked out prettily, we got her to spill the beans about ugly girls, plastic surgery and transsexuals.
Do you reject ugly girls if they want to join a beauty pageant?
There is inner beauty in every individual. Our job is to groom them and make them feel at home with the rest.
Do you worry that people will take the lead from Little Miss Sunshine and perform outrageous stunts on stage?
I don’t mind outrageous stunts that impress the judges.
Do you think less is more when it comes to clothing?
Nope! Beauty has got nothing to do with clothes. It has got to do with personality and confidence.
Are people who have undergone plastic surgery allowed to take part in the pageants you organize?
From my point of view, beauty via plastic surgery is not God-given, and, therefore, people who have had plastic surgery should not take part.
What about transsexuals?
Yes, of course. If one has gone through sex change and is legally recognized in the society as a female, then that should be fine.
Well, do you think beauty pageants objectify women?
No, I don’t think beauty pageants objectify them. Beauty pageants are a way for women to flaunt what they have!