Brands to the Rescue

Couple Mother Nature’s erratic moods with all the late nights I’ve been having and you’ve got one sickly writer. That is why I’m ever so thankful that leading health tonic purveyor BRANDS® sent me an entire arsenal of wellness goodies a couple of weeks ago, including a bottle of Schisandra Extract with Sesamin. If you’re a boozer, this one’s for you. Not only does it promote the health of your liver, it prevents build up of toxins and fatigue in your body and keeps your skin from turning dull (also known as the “hangover face”). While that will no doubt come in useful, what I liked best was their BRANDS® Innershine Berry Essence, a sweet and rich fruit-based essence containing seven different types of berries (we all know how they’re a great source of antioxidants).
Hair and There
Maybe I just haven’t been pampering myself enough. I always push to the back burner hair, massage and other appointments that require you to just sit there and relax, sometimes even canceling them, just so that I can knock one extra thing off my to-do list. Obviously, that hasn’t done anything for my overall wellness so I’ve scheduled a Botanical Garden ($140 for 45 minutes) hair treatment session at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio (#05-01 The Heeren, 260 Orchard Rd., 6238-1522, I hear they use Shiatsu massage techniques to encourage blood circulation and relaxation on the neck and shoulders, as well as all-natural ingredients to promote the natural cycle of hair growth. Sounds like it’ll be right up my alley.
Get Your Guide Next Week
If you need more information on how to holistically improve your lifestyle, lookout for our Wellness Guide 2011 (compiled painstakingly by yours truly, who SO needs some of the services listed in there right now). It comes out on Feb 25 along with our next issue of I-S. It’s got everything you need to keep your wellness black book updated, with dance studios, yoga and Pilates classes, spas, makeup emporiums and even ideas for a relaxing detox retreat, so be sure you’ve got your copy.