California Fitness Orchard Moves; Safari Zoo Run; Qi Spa

Scouting Singapore’s fitness centers for our cover story last week was one heck of a challenge; testing different types of cardio equipment, enrolling in dance sport classes … basically exercising more in one month than I have all year (oops!). But it did help me figure out which gym was best suited to my lifestyle. The scene sure moves fast, though. If you’ve decided to go with California Fitness, they’re closing their Orchard Road outlet and moving into a new space (8/F Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre, 391A Orchard Rd.) on Jan 22. Fitness First will be adding three more outlets to its fast expanding empire in February, with one in Alexandra (Maple Tree Business City), Tampines (CPF Building) and another in northern Singapore (details to be announced). You’ve got even less excuse for not working out now.
Registration is already closed for the Safari Zoo Run (Feb 12, 3:30pm) but it’s still well worth going along to lend your support. Held to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Ah Meng, Singapore’s adored orangutan (she even made last year’s list of the country’s most influential personalities), it promises to be a great day out. For more details, visit
My editor’s quest to find girls who are willing to touch him continues. (Sorry boss, but just because you get it as a media freebie doesn’t mean your hands are clean. You’re still basically paying for it.) Recently he dropped by Qi Spa (#03-09/10 Great World City, 6836-3682) to try out their 90-minute Shockwave Puncture massage ($198), a treatment he describes as “a bit like being reassembled as Robocop”. (He assures me that’s a good thing.) Designed for people with chronic problems (I’m just saying…) it involves the use of a rapid fire hand-held device (shaped like a gun) to penetrate deeper than mere mortal hands can reach. I’m reliably informed that once you get over the idea that you’re willingly submitting to being Tasered (that’s apparently what the machine sounds like), and relax into it, it really does release the most persistent of knots.
The therapists recommend around three treatments for maximum effect, but since he’d have to pay for the next two I suspect he’s already moved onto the next thing. Oh, and one more insult while we’re at it: apparently he complained about the treatment being too strong, only to be told the machine was set to its lowest possible level. Robocop, my ass.