Shunji Matsuo Botanical Hair Treatment; Banyan Tree Spa Opening Soon

Simply Scent-sational
The next time you feel like the walls are closing in on you (for me, it’s when I can’t seem to translate thoughts into words—a writer’s nightmare), make a date with Shunji Matsuo (#05-01 The Heeren Shops, 260 Orchard Rd., 6238-1522) for their amazing new botanical hair garden treatment ($140 for 45 minutes). It’s exactly as dreamy as it sounds. On top of the hair studio’s warm, cheery space, someone applying stressrelieving shiatsu massage techniques to your scalp while you inhale the scent of blooms wafting from their Arimino haircare products is really something else.
Sky High
As if the casino, gorgeous views of the city skyline, impossibly spacious guestrooms and luxury shopping complex aren’t enough, Marina Bay Sands will soon have its own Banyan Tree Spa ( Rumor is it’ll be the highest outlet the luxe spa’s ever had, occupying a massive 20,000 sq. ft. space on the 55th floor. There’ll be 15 nature-themed treatment rooms, a fitness center and all the other amenities a wellness haven should have, like yoga and aerobics studios. Opening later this year, it’s only for hotel guests but exclusive memberships might be available to a select few. Here’s hoping we’re on that list.