24-hour gym OSPACE opens first outlet in Ang Mo Kio

Let’s be honest: New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to maintain. Priorities change all the time – what with so many other things battling for our attention and energy every day.

But there is always merit in following through with our fitness goals, and the shift to a hybrid work environment slash spending more time indoors doesn’t mean the sedentary lifestyle gets to win.

If you already feel like the couch beckons to you, meet OSPACE, a brand-new gym concept that empowers you to move, and gets you back on track. Combining fitness, wellness, and technology, the 24-hour pay-per-use gym aims to provide us with more choices and options in this day and age to focus on our health and wellness.


, 24-hour gym OSPACE opens first outlet in Ang Mo Kio


Equipped with all the gym equipment you’d need for a good workout, from treadmills to free weights, the space provides you with opportunities to either train under a private instructor or explore a more customised approach to working out. It also comes with a therapy area that is perfect for physiotherapists and sports masseuses to rent for consultation sessions with their clients.

Private fitness instructors may also rent the space to conduct one-on-one classes or hold online sessions for their students within the professional gym setting at OSPACE.


, 24-hour gym OSPACE opens first outlet in Ang Mo Kio


Located in the heartlands for fuss-free convenience, the first OSPACE outlet is now open in Ang Mo Kio, with plans to launch in 20 other locations such as Tampines and Tanglin Halt within the next year.


To find out more, visit OSPACE’s website here.