Doze off without a hitch

If sleep seems to elude you, fret not. You’re not alone. The good thing is that there are multiple drug-free ways to deal with this problem. Below, we offer four useful sleep apps that will ease you into bed and help you find relaxation altogether. Now you can readily doze off without a hitch.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep is also available on the App Store. 

Whether it is a 10-minute relaxation nap or a luxurious bedtime prep you’re looking for, Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep is a good choice for some personal audio therapy during your alone time. Dream about gorgeous landscapes and enjoy the luscious sounds of nature thanks to the app’s list of quality soothing soundscapes including ocean-like tunes and rain melodies. The app also offers a sleep timer for your music relaxation therapy so be sure to enable that function if you’re about to hit the sack.

Relax Melodies

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Those feeling troubled once the sun sets may wish to consider using Relax Melodies, designed to be an efficient sleep-aid app. Fully utilise the various features and content including guided meditations, white noise, bedtime stories and even mind-body exercises for the best bedtime experience; breathing techniques are also available in the mix. Created alongside sleep experts, Relax Melodies is able to ensure accurate techniques and content to assist folks in overcoming insomnia, tinnitus, night-time anxiety—all while lowering everyday stress.

Sleep Cycle

Available on the App Store, Google Play and AppGallery.

What happens during your rested state? To know how you slept, turn to Sleep Cycle and learn more about your sleep habits so you may correct them wherever necessary. Besides tracking your sleep patterns and providing tips for better sleep health, the app also features an alarm clock function that gently rouses you from your rest. Never be alarmed (pun intended) again.

Sleep Stories by Calm

Calm is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Available exclusively on the Calm app (great for wellness needs too), Sleep Stories offer soothing tales that combine music, sound fx and human voices to lull you to sleep. Try stories such as The Natural Wonders of the World voiced by award-winning actress Eva Green that explores the greatest wonders of Earth. Get a preview of the available stories via the app’s YouTube page here.