Clinically proven to be 99.99% effective against the Covid-19 virus and other harmful microbes, their products are derived from natural sources and free from toxic ingredients

The mid-year holidays are here. And with the recent opening of international borders, it comes as no surprise that many of us are rushing to plan our yearly trips with the family.

As we rush to catch up on sorely-missed travel experiences, ESTA steps up to provide us with that essential protection we’re still in need of, to give us peace of mind against harmful germs and viruses be it on our travels or even on domestic staycations.



Proven to have a 99.99% killing efficacy against the Covid-19 virus and other types of viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, and mould, ESTA products are specially formulated with ULTRABactech. Proudly developed here in Singapore and sustainably derived from botanical sources, it defends us against harmful microbes for up to 24 hours as a sanitiser, and up to 90 days upon application as a surface disinfectant.

Clinically proven to retain its antimicrobial efficacy under extreme conditions and provide continuous protection throughout the day, ULTRABactech has superior processability and biocompatibility, making it ideal for application on all kinds of daily-used products including our mobile phones, wallets, keyboards, handbags and more.



What’s more: ESTA products are free from toxic ingredients like Methanol and Acetaldehyde, making it safe for the entire family from the youngest to the oldest. Taking it up a notch, their alcohol-free hand sanitiser is also free from harmful alcohols such as Ethanol and Ethyl, making it a perfect companion for you and your loved ones wherever you may go this holiday season.

As an added bonus, it is even gentle and moisturising on the skin!


If you’re planning for an outdoor adventure, go for their Outdoor Hand Sanitiser, which contains additional citronella oil that helps to repel pesky mosquitoes and the like.


To take advantage of their special travel bundle deals this season, visit their website here to place your orders now or find out more.