Receive neighbourly help, reduce anxiety and stay in shape

Being confined at home during this Covid-19 circuit breaker period can take a toll on one’s mental health. You see the same faces everyday, and you certainly can’t roam the streets as you please. You may even find yourself becoming less productive. So to help you through these trying times, find the following five apps, which offer guidance, fun games, self-care tips and more. Stay strong folks, we’ll get through this together.


A free platform created by a couple of local entrepreneurs which encourages users to share items and services by donating or selling them, new app GoodHood.SG is all about neighbourly love. Simply download the application onto your smartphone before registering yourself as a neighbour by verifying your postal address. Then, provide some information about yourself and what you can offer others in the community. Interact and get to your fellow neighbours through status updates, posts and more—all found on your home feed. P.S. The app is also giving away free masks to those with a limited supply, so holler if you need some. More information available here.


Hang out with your friends online via Houseparty, the app that’s got everyone buzzin’. Partake in fun quizzes or games while video-chatting simultaneously, send recorded video messages to acquaintances and more. To get started, sign-up and allow the app to access contact information from your phone’s address book, or your Facebook friends list. Then, tap and join in Houseparties by swiping up on screen to see your chat feed. Just FYI, the app has recently been accused by a number of users who claim they’ve been hacked thanks to the app, although it could very well be a smear campaign. Either way, take proper precautions by ensuring that your account password is secure and all should be well.


If you’ve been feeling like a couch potato since the start of Singapore’s circuit breaker period and are looking for a change of pace, try tracking your health and progress using the MyFitnessPal app. Not only does the application allow you to log your daily eating habits, but it also offers workout videos and mindful tips which can help with weight loss. All you have to do is create an account and explore the many features they’ve got.


A self-care app that aims to help you find peace and calm, Shine is designed to provide a support system right on your mobile device. Find research-backed tips on how to live productively, podcasts focusing on relaxation techniques among others, and a community that’s interested in healing. There’s also a new Calm for Covid-19 section within the Library feature, that offers bite-sized discussions about coping in a time of crisis, for those who may require it.


Do your part in preventing the spread of Covid-19 through community-driven contact tracing app TraceTogether. Developed by GovTech and the Ministry of Health, this app identifies people who have been in close proximity to Covid-19 patients thanks to wireless Bluetooth technology. While it isn’t compulsory for all individuals to use the app, being on TraceTogether allows for faster contact tracing, which in turn slows the spread of the novel coronavirus. So download TraceTogether on the App Store or Google Play, key in your contact information, and turn on your bluetooth setting. Leave the app running in your phone’s background and you’re all set.