It’s all about getting creative

In case you haven’t noticed, the Covid-19 pandemic has given us quite the romantic conundrum. And it probably won’t get easier anytime soon. More than two weeks ago, we asked non-married couples to share with us some of the unique dating methods they’ve adopted to stay close to their significant other despite living apart. So below, check out a few responses that offer a glimpse into the lives of couples who have chosen new ways of interacting to remain connected as they continue to abide by the agonising circuit breaker measures.

Acts of service

“My boyfriend and I are more than lucky to have well-stocked fridges at home, so instead of ordering one another meals, we prefer helping one another order essential items as acts of service. Not only has he sent me bottles of shampoo and conditioner when I ran out of them, he even ordered me books to keep me entertained during this dull period. We also consistently video call and text each other pictures of our lunch and dinner.” Stephanie Loh, 27, Architect

Online gaming

“My girlfriend and I have been texting one another more regularly, even doing daily check-ins with each other. We send plenty of photos which offer affirmation too; but the main thing that has helped us bond even more during the circuit breaker is online gaming. We usually play Left 4 Dead, or hop on Discord with our friends. We even play Cards Against Humanity sometimes.” Edward Cheang, 29, Content Creator

Working out together online

“It’s been almost two months since I last saw my partner, so we’ve attempted a number of things as a couple by heading online. Apart from surprising her with brunch deliveries, we’ve caught episodes of Community together via Netflix Party. Most recently, we’ve started exercising together over Skype. Using the share screen function, my girlfriend picks ab workout routines on YouTube that we can both follow. It’s really just about making the best with what we’ve got.” Ng Yan Bo, 28, Analyst