Embark on wild rides of moral ambiguity and violent suspense with these mind-boggling series

Obsessed or not, let’s face it: most of us can’t help but be pulled in by the riveting sequences of crime-thrillers. From Sherlock-esque analyses and unassuming clues, to the science that dictates every step – they constantly pique our curiosity and keep us hooked for more.

And leave it to the Korean market to satiate our want, churning content after content of highly addictive series that force us upon our couches, wide-eyed in enthralled fixation.This March on Viu, take a joyride on these morally questionable roller coasters with these 5 Korean crime-thrillers we know you’ll not get enough of.


A Superior Day



Based on a webtoon of the same name, A Superior Day follows the gripping 24-hour nightmare of an ordinary firefighter who receives anonymous tip-offs ordering him to murder a serial killer in order to save his kidnapped daughter. What unfolds is a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, as he struggles to win a gamble to catch everyone involved. Starring Ha Do-Kwon, Jin Goo, and Lee Won-Geun. Coming to Viu on 14 Mar.


Military Prosecutor Doberman



Inspired by real events, this novel script not only shies away from the typical legal genre benchmark, it also marks Korea’s first military court drama to hit the screen. The story explores crime and corruption within the military, centred around an indifferent prosecutor whose sole concern is to count down the hours left before he formally retires his uniform, and the only daughter of a chaebol family who joins the military to fulfill a personal vendetta. Starring Ahn Bo-Hyun and Jo Bo-Ah. Coming to Viu on 1 Mar.


One Ordinary Day



A remake of BBC’s Criminal Justice, One Ordinary Day follows a college student whose life descends into a bottomless pit after becoming the prime suspect of a violent murder case. Determined to prove his innocence through any means possible, he enlists the help of a third-rate lawyer, who barely managed to pass the bar exams, and a cold-faced inmate at the top of the prison food chain. Starring Kim Soo-Hyun and Cha Seung-Won. Now available on Viu.


Secret Royal Inspector & Joy



This drama tells the story of a young gourmet named Ra Yi-Eon who unintentionally became a secret royal inspector, travelling undercover to local provinces to inspect and uncover corruption. In the midst of his travels, he comes across an unorthodox young divorcee fervently looking for her next shot at happiness. Together, they set out on a grand scheme to expose corrupt politicians and reveal the truth. Starring Ok Taec-Yeon and Kim Hye-Yoon. Now available on Viu.


The Veil



This blockbuster spy drama follows an elite field agent whose immaculate record and superior skill at completing missions make him a legend at the National Intelligence Service. However, just when he seemed to have finally succeeded in driving an organised crime syndicate into a corner, he suddenly vanishes off the grid and goes MIA. Memories of him erased and officially classified dead, he makes a sudden return to the organisation a year later, embarking on a hunt to take down the traitor who attempted to kill his entire team. Starring Namkoong Min, Park Ha-sun, and Kim Ji-eun. Now available on Viu.