Along with a line-up of global Hallyu stars, Gong Yoo fans are in for a treat this month

Welcome the start of another year with an exciting line-up of new shows and thrilling favourites for you to stream to your heart’s content. Kick back and enjoy these 7 Asian productions available on Viu this January.


Don’t Go Too Far



A crime-busting action movie featuring veteran actor Son Byung-ho, three sons and a daughter are competing to split their late father’s inheritance of 2 billion won. Their dispute escalates into chaos when the inheritance gets tangled up with kidnapping, after the eldest son receives a mysterious kidnapper’s call demanding a ransom of 2 billion won.


Ghost Doctor



Starring global Hallyu icon Rain, this fantasy medical drama features out-of-body experiences. The drama follows a talented but arrogant doctor whose spirit leaves his body and possesses a new resident doctor after he falls into a coma, and the unlikely friendship that develops between the two very different characters.


Memories of the Sword



Go back in time with Memories of the Sword, a movie about three swordsmen during the Goryo Dynasty who lead a revolution. On the verge of success, they are suddenly betrayed, leading to the death of one and disappearance of the other. Many years later, a blind woman plots her revenge against the man who had risen to become the most powerful person in the country. Starring the internationally-acclaimed Lee Byung-hun and Jeon Do-yeon.





A historical romance drama starring K-drama darlings Yoo Seung-ho and Hyeri. Set in the Joseon era, it tells the endearing story of an enforcement officer whose job is to prevent alcohol sales, a sole breadwinner of a debt-ridden noble family who earns a living through selling alcohol, and their fateful encounter.


The Suspect



Korean heartthrob Gong Yoo stars in this movie about a North Korean spy who defects to South Korea after being abandoned by his own country. Fuelled by vengeance as he gets framed as a prime suspect in a thrilling murder case, he seeks to take revenge and uncover the truth.


Through the Darkness



A crime-solving thriller based on a book co-written by Korea’s first criminal profiler, Through the Darkness is set in a time where criminal profiling was still a novel concept in society. Streaming first on Viu, it stars Kim Nam-gil as a charismatic criminal profiler who investigates murder cases and looks deeply into the minds of serial killers.


Train to Busan



The global phenomenon also starring Gong Yoo, this iconic movie features the gripping story of a workaholic father and his estranged daughter trapped on a high-speed train in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.