Veteran Actress, Catherine O’Hara

Recently playing one of the leads in director Christopher Guest’s comedy For Your Consideration, she spoke with us about her career, Guest and who’d win if she and co-star Parker Posey really do throw down.

How does it feel like working with Christopher Guest over the years?
I love working with Chris and I’m honored to be in his company. There is no other job like it. We get to develop our characters based on Chris and [co-writer and actor] Eugene [Levy]’s inspiring script outline and then express those characters organically through improvisation, all under the sure-handed guidance of our fearless leader, Christopher Guest.
Would you consider him the funniest man on earth?
Chris is more than just funny. He is wise and confident. He is caring and generous. To top it off, he never repeats an improvised line from take to take and every one of them is funnier than the last.
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from working on so many films over the years?
I like to think I’ve learned a lot from my work, but one thing that stands out is the importance of choosing your jobs and co-workers wisely. The work should be worthy of your efforts and you can do a better job yourself if you can trust others to do theirs.
How do you pick your scripts?
I try to choose scripts that have good stories to tell, but sometimes I just fall for a big laugh. I’ve made mistakes but I also try to work with talented, confident people. I’m not attracted to good roles in bad scripts. I’d rather be a part of something wonderful.
Do you ever see a point in your life where you’ll just stop acting?
I hope acting will be the death of me. But not until many years from now, please, God.
Who’d win in a fight: you or Parker Posey?
Parker would beat my ass.