Best Films at the 20th Israel Film Festival 2012

Quirky comedy about an unsolved rivalry between father and son, both eccentric professors at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
September 7, 7:15pm.

I-S PICK> Intimate Grammar
Fans of Amelie will love this equally dreamy film. Teenager Aharon refuses to grow up—his soul matures but his body stays unchanged—as he copes with dealing with a dysfunctional family which includes an overbearing mom and an uneducated dad.
September 6, 7:15pm. Sep 9, 7:10pm.

Three stories about three Tel Aviv women whose lives intersect as they take refuge in a tranquil seaside village.
Sep 9, 5pm.

My Lovely Sister
A curious melodrama about a love triangle between the superstitious Rahma, her long-suffering husband Robert and the ghost of Rahma’s estranged sister Maria.
September 8, 9:30pm.

I-S PICK> Restoration
The best film in the festival, the story centers on a stoic antique furniture restorer whose business is about to face bankruptcy and an estranged son who is relentless on pulling the plug on the business. Featuring a marvelous central performance by Sasson Gabai.
September 8, 7:15pm.

The Secrets
Two women—the daughter of an unorthodox rabbi and her free-spirited counterpart—must make sense of their existence as they caught up in the rigid male establishment that they grew up in.
September 7, 9:30pm.

All films are screened at The Cathay. $11 from the box-office or log onto their website to book.