Coming Soon

Royston Tan, director of 15 and 4:30
“I’m in the midst of shooting my third film called 881,” says Tan, “so it’s been really crazy.” A getai musical, 881 is a story about The Papaya Sisters, two childhood friends who grow up to become the most enchanting getai stars on the circuit.
Eric Khoo, director of Be with Me and Mee Pok Man
Khoo is currently working as a producer on Royston Tan’s 881, as well as the feature film debut of Brian Gothong Tan, Invisible Children. Expect the prolific director to jump back into the director’s seat soon though, with two new projects that are currently in the development stages.
Kelvin Tong, director of The Maid and Eating Air
The filmmaker who scared filmgoers with The Maid is set to give us a good laugh with his latest film—Men in White, a horror comedy about four strangers who die from a freak accident involving a gas tank and a frog.
Daniel Yun, COO of Mediacorp Raintree Pictures
If you’ve noticed a shift in the kinds of films that Raintree Pictures has been putting out for sometime now, you’re not alone. “It now seems obvious that we have moved away from movies that are too local,” says Raintree’s Daniel Yun, who’s worked as an executive producer on such films as One Last Dance and Homerun. “Our move is deliberate, but strategic, and this move is an approach we have adopted for several years. Hence, if you look at our slate, the titles coming out this year are decidedly different.” Some films to look out for include an adaptation of Catherine Lim’s novel The Leap Years and the epic family drama The Home Song Stories, both starring the internationally renowned actress Joan Chen; the horror film The Tattooist, set in New Zealand; the animated feature Sing to the Dawn; and, of course, I Not Stupid 3, the latest installment in the popular Jack Neo-helmed series.